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Status: 28 year old female seeking romance or friendship
Location: Reading, Berkshire
Member: NF025441
Height: 5' 4" / 163cm

I'm generally an introverted person and I really enjoy making things and being creative, so I do an evening ceramics class and I've recently been trying some other one-off classes. I also do cross stitch kits at home. I like cooking too (not all the time though) and I’d definitely say I’m a foodie, especially for puddings. I often go for making Spanish, Mexican, Moroccan, Asian styles of food whilst listening to an audiobook and my favourite restaurants are Wagamamas and Las Iguanas. I do some baking too.

I’m Cornish by blood (but born in Berkshire) and I still live at home so I spend a lot time with my Dad. I've found my pleasure comes from nature, mainly bird watching and I’m a big fan of owls and hedgehogs (hand reared a couple last year). I also enjoy walking/ exploring new places, which can involve going to RSPB reserves, National Trust places, spot of geocaching, etc. The holidays I go on are geared around this (just to be clear I don't like camping - sorry). 

That doesn't mean I don't like to wind down with a good film, TV or book in my PJ's after work with my cat curled up next to me. I'm also up for trying new things and got into escape rooms this past year with my friends.

I come across as reserved, mature for my age and a thinker, but when I'm with people who make me comfortable my fun and relaxed side comes out. I'm not the kind of girl that dresses up and covers herself in makeup - that's for special occasions. I'm not a sporty person and nor very traditional, e.g. I don't like it when guys pick up the bill.

At the moment I'm looking to make friends first and then seeing where it goes.
I enjoy spending time with people who:
- enjoys and appreciates nature, even willing to learn about it
- likes watching films (not horror ones though)
- enjoys their food
- open, kind and assertive
- relatively talkative (doesn’t take over though) and makes me laugh

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My Passions

  • Walking in the countryside
  • My cat
  • Art and crafting
  • Cooking and food
  • Birds and animals
  • Reading and audiobooks
  • Films,

My star sign

  • Pisces

I'm a...

  • Non-smoker