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Status: 65 year old female seeking romance or friendship
Location: Marlow, Berkshire
Member: NF024923
Height: 5' 8" / 175cm

I have a positive outlook on this life and wish to tread a more gentle path. I'm generally very active and fit walking and cycling where I can. I'm happy in my own skin - literally as I don't wear make up preferring skin on skin contact. When I retired I went back to college and completed a creative writing course. Much to the amusement of my sons I was a real student again living back in halls. I enjoy spending time with my sons who live in London they help me not to take myself too seriously as only your own children can.

I attend the odd writing workshop and literary class my home is full of books. I belong to a book group and value the friendships this brings. It is a comfort and a joy to know that just as I may be reading a particular page so too will be someone else from the group who may experience the same words in an entirely different way.

I volunteer with a local charity and enjoy the contact with other people but also enjoy quietness from time to time. I like relaxing especially beside the river, well any water really, and allowing the mind to wander. I love swimming in the sea and the freedom this brings. Although this may sound busy I am ready for a new relationship and have the time and energy to help it grow and flourish. I miss sharing the day's events with someone close, that gentle exchange of precious moments.

I'm looking for a deep and lasting connection with someone. Who you are and what you do and say will be more important than how you look. You will be interesting and interested in other people. Kindness is important and an openess and generosity of spirit. I want to be attracted to your mind the very essence of you then all the magic and chemistry will follow.

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My Passions

  • Words are a passion. So much depends upon the words, the gap between the words the cadence of your voice and the silence given and received.
  • The sea

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  • Aquarius

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  • Non-smoker