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Tim whistler

Status: 41 year old male seeking romance or friendship
Location: Bude, Cornwall
Member: NF024710
Height: 6' 2" / 188cm
Hello folks,I'm a forty something man with a beautiful daughter from a previous relationship. I'm a pretty complicated guy.I've spent my life dreaming of living in nature whether that be off or on grid.I'm passionate about being a positive force in the life I live ,the relationships I have and the way I conduct myself.I suppose the most accurate description of my spiritual attitude and practice is that of an animistic pantheistic pagan.I've wandered from tribe to tribe and always found myself on the edge of things for various reasons.I'd love to live a simple life with a lovely woman outside in nature. Whether that's a few days a week under a tarp.or full time in a yurt.earth house. or bender.That need to be present in nature is becoming overwhelming. At the moment I live in my box.a flat.it's warm and safe both things I value having spent many years on the street.But this need to step every morning from my bed to the earth is becoming very important. Whether a caravan,vehicle or other more permanent structure it doesn't matter.Anyway less of that vibe.I really need a woman to love unequivocally, I want to love and be loved.I want a companion for adventures wild camping and just to communicate with. And I don't mean me ranting on all the time!I want you to rant! About the things you love the things you're passionate about whether I need to lose a few pounds whatever. My passions are music and literature ;I play the mandola the mandolin and the bouzouki also a little guitar and alot of whistles.I love Russian fiction .magic realism and fantasy.also a lot of Samuel beckett and the "beat" writers particularly Gary snyder and Mr Burroughs. A key to many years wasted. This may sound like pretension and bullshit.but it is a short guide.a profile if you like.of me.wherever you are I want to find you I am desperately lonely.I know that makes me vulnerable but not stupid.I hope you're there..

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My Passions

  • Music.love music .it is my blood.everything from GNOD to vashti banyan. BOOM SHIVA SHAKTI.
  • The sand between you're toes.not mine it drives me bonkers!the sand that is.
  • Walks amongst trees
  • Watching the dawn
  • Travel
  • You.
  • Whatever we can find together. Whether it's spitting on cars from the overpass then who cares?

My star sign

  • Libra

I'm a...

  • Non-smoker