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Status: 44 year old male seeking romance or friendship
Location: Paignton, Devon
Member: NF024296
Height: 6' 0" / 183cm


Nice of you to drop by, I am looking for like minded people to share with, I am a above knee amputee ( don’t run away! Too late ok ) still here?  my job is in deliveries but my aim is to become sovereign although I hav nt figured out how yet. 
Working on health and fitness is important to me, I installed a reverse osmosis water filter about 18 months ago and the quality is very good ( being a qualified plumber helped with that : ) I have been a vegetarian since last November, I have found it tough adjusting not to the meat side of it, more the nutrient side.

I am 43 and do have an extended family that I would like to stay in contact with, my step son and his gorgeous kids, having said that I am looking for a fresh start and am considering selling up and moving but not too far. 

My spiritual journey started with buddhism around 3 years ago, at the moment I am studying the fourth way and the hermetic principles, my teachers a long the way -Ajahn brahm, Santos Bonachi, Seven Bomer, infinite waters ( Ralf Smart) and Neil Krammer

Thats all folks x for now

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  • Drives out to new places
  • Finding new recipies
  • Finding out new things

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  • Aquarius

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  • Non-smoker