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Status: 40 year old female seeking romance or friendship
Location: Totnes, Devon
Member: NF025903
Height: 5' 6" / 168cm

Rare bird seeks soulmate for post-capitalist life in natural habitat

Here’s how it might play out:

We meet for a drink, go for a walk. It's slow, safe, easy, comfortable; we’re both attractive and we're both attracted, though the chemistry is mild at first; we're kind and warm; friendship deepens, trust bonds. And then after some weeks or months, we are surprised by a dramatic intensification of feeling, and suddenly we, best friends, are mad about each other. Disagreement makes sparks fly, but we work well as a team: ideas tesselate; great minds respect; skilled hands make light work. We talk a lot.

Soon we decide to set up home together. We go halves on some land and build a low-impact house, designing a low-impact livelihood as we go: maybe craft; maybe smallholding, with animals; maybe a dye garden; maybe a market garden; maybe cooking; maybe something else… (I already run a purposeful craft business, but I'd happily develop other skills to a professional standard: musicianship, writing, horticulture, food production, eco-building... I can turn my hand to whatever is socially and environmentally necessary. And political activism will always be necessary.)

We are plugged into our local community through food and song and music and dance and a mutual credit scheme that offers an alternative to the growth-model race-to-the-bottom capitalist economics that’s currently screwing people and planet...

And here’s where this might play out (flexible; appearing here in order of feasibility, as far as I can judge from my own currently-solo perspective):

Brittany (wooded, fertile, socialist, where property is ten times cheaper and peasant life is celebrated); Wales (where the One Planet Development Scheme can help us along); Scotland, probably West (rainy, wildy, wonderful, where the government is kinder and the folk festivals second to none); Ireland (Galway and West Cork are my known favourites, though I’d like to explore Dublinside too); Devon (probably south or Dartmoor, because this is my native home, and the awful Toriness is at least mitigated by some quite sophisticated counter-culture).

You’d bring warmth and wit and art and graft. You're probably an earth sign, with enough water for sensitivity, air for intellect and fire for warmth. You're a knight of the highest honour. Strangers are friends you have not yet met. Relationships are something you nurture. Love and laughter come naturally to you, and you stand up every time it counts. You're going somewhere good, unhurriedly. You're a great friend, a partner, an equal. (God, you sound amazing, and if you're anything like this, I will always think so!)

Oh and I should mention that I’m drawn to the Mediterranean countries too; Scandinavia maybe too; places that are either Celtic, socialist or social democratic. What are your favourite places? My mind is open, and together we can make most things happen. Perhaps we’ll even create the right environment for low-impact children too...


Questions for applicants (I know, I know, sorry, But I'm going ahead anyway):

Are you free/resourced/ready to enjoy something similar to the above this year?
Are you REALLY free/resourced/ready to enjoy something similar to the above this year?
Have you put your last relationship behind you?
Have you REALLY put your last relationship behind you?
Are you ready to start a new chapter?
Are you REALLY ready to start a new chapter?

If the answer to any of these questions is no but you fancy getting in touch nonetheless, please explain and justify ;-) (Good, honest, old fashioned friendships are welcome too.) Thank you x

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My Passions

  • A special lurcher
  • Traditional music
  • Communities that dance together
  • Economics
  • Land
  • Soil and Soul, Sea Room, Overstory, Marx...
  • You

My star sign

  • Pisces

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  • Non-smoker