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Status: 36 year old female seeking friendship
Location: New Abbey, Dumfries and Galloway
Member: NF025596
Height: n/a

I've realized that people change and don't necessarily grow in the same direction. Going down a different path is ok - it doesn't make one person wrong or the other right. I've also learned that the important thing in a relationship is honesty - and without that, you don't have much. I think people are resilient and bounce back from most relationships.

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My Passions

  • I'm very comfortable with older people.
  • I still enjoy being around young people.
  • I've never won any popularity contests, although I feel like I'm pretty well liked. I try to be good, or at least good at it!
  • I was brought up to at least always try and be nice, friendly and fair. I'm sort of a honorable mention in the contest of life.
  • I hate loosing, so I avoid any competition, and all conflict, if at all possible.
  • I'm not very accomplished. Of course, I've never been too ambitious, either.
  • I've always seemed to have a way of alienating the people who I wanted to impress the most.
  • Most people say that God leads them through life. I say God has had to drag me through most of mine.
  • there are three things that I think we all need in life to survive. They are (1) the ability to ACCEPT those things and ones that we have no control over,
  • (2) TOLERANCE for when those things and ones get worse, and (3) PATIENCE until those things and ones get better. Would wanna know you more too

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  • Non-smoker