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Status: 41 year old male seeking romance or friendship
Location: Gloucester, Gloucestershire
Member: NF024302
Height: n/a

I think, I hope, i'm a pretty regular chap, and that means I want the same as most people; someone kind, someone nice, someone warm. I'm fortunate enough not to need anyone, but I do want to share my life, and whilst that doesn't sound like a significant difference I think it actually matters a lot in a healthy relationship. As blessed as I am I know there's no point getting to this stage in life where everything is sorted without having that special someone and that is what I want now.

For my part, as bland a word as is it, i'm nice. I may not be a James Bond or a Brad Pitt, but I'm nice and i'm caring and I'm willing to invest me in to someone special. I'm the sort of chap who likes holding hands rather throwing shapes on the dance floor, and feeling the connection in the quiet times rather than being loud and needing to be the center of attention.

This isn't to say I'm catatonic, i keep trim with at least one of swimming / running (badly) / cycling / yoga / climbing each day. I've travelled a lot and want someone to travel more with, i'm up for most new experiences. 

What am I looking for? My list isn't very long, just someone kind; kind in their words, kind in their actions, kind in their choices. And, if you're up for living life then that would be perfect... but putting a log fire on and hiding from the winter is ok too... but just for the winter though. 

P.S. Just to be up front, i'm just out of a 10 year relationship, so if I am particularly usless at this whole thing be patient, i've totally forgotten how this game works!

P.P.S. Still trying to find a recent photo I like... i'm pretty camera shy. In the interim, 6ft2, 85Kg (no squidgy bits), blonde hair, and look pretty young for my years (genuinely, not just some internet catfish claim!), and I would go as far as to say i'm not a gargoyle. 

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My Passions

  • Nature
  • Ethical living
  • Keeping trim
  • Travel
  • Spirituality (not religion)
  • Countryside

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  • Non-smoker