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Status: 52 year old male seeking romance or friendship
Location: London, Greater London
Member: NF026063
Height: n/a

I'll start with a childhood anecdote. I had two parts in Macbeth as a child - one as the son of Macduff  (if I recall correctly) and the other as a soldier. (It's am dram - what do you expect?!). Being a tidy-minded boy, after being fatally run through with a spear, I was carried off-stage but managed to pick up the wig I'd dropped as I was hauled off. Not my finest hour I'll admit, but I brought comedy to Macbeth!The other (possibly) funny thing was seeing Habeas Corpus and after hearing the phrase "......post-coital Craven A"  my question was "What's a Craven A?" Of course in those tender years I had no idea what sex was, as much as this question might suggest otherwise. My dramatic years are well behind me, though I did do an open mike some years ago when I was having singing lessons, which was pretty nerve-wracking.

Anyway, back to the profile in hand. Completing this made me ask myself how green I am. So I think "light green" is apt as I'm not vegan or anything, but am passionate about climate change, the need for need for sustainability and so forth. I do participate in some campaigns and am probably described as a lazy activist by the more ardent amongst you.

More broadly, I am very musical and sing in a folk choir. Or at least I did until lockdown. But I've got very eclectic taste and my id is based on a Led Zeppelin song. It could have been Marvin Gaye, the Rolling Stones or Strauss!

I enjoy my food but am not vegetarian or vegan. Cooking for anyone who is could be a challenge! And I've got some decent recipes. I've actually cut back seriously on wine as it keeps me awake now. The joys of middle age! Enjoying G&T is a cross I have to bear.

For the record, the photo is 4 years old . You don't need much imagination to see I'm folically challenged. I tend to be the other side of the camera so there wasn't much choice. I set up my own photography website which is more a virtual showcase than anything else.

I get on my bike fairly regularly - going to work mostly, but also on decent rides around the hills in my area.  This bit of London is quite hilly. And I'm really getting into pilates at the moment. Every now and again I go skiing which gives me a real buzz. It's not surprising as I used to own a motorbike so there's clearly a need for speed of some description.

I would describe myself as laid-back, witty, cheeky, sincere, thoughtful, stubborn, occasionally lazy, good with words, epicurean, compassionate, emotionally intelligent. Sometimes I can be a little too analytical and need to chill but am self-aware enough to know when that's the case! I find mindfulness useful at highlighting what's going through an active mind, and sometimes meditate. I'm quite down to earth and not especially spiritual other than being on a journey of self-improvement.  I think we all have a duty of care to look after the land we live on and off. And I have soft spot for nature and the countryside, being somewhat conflicted whilst based in London. Climate change issues have become more important to me in recent years, and I'm probably more passionate politically than I've been before.

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My Passions

  • Sharing one of my favourite dishes of parma ham, parmesan, shallots, courgette, farfalle pasta and creme fraiche over a few glasses!
  • Getting on my bike for a long ride and feeling the endorphin rush at the end of it
  • Finding one of my favourite pieces of music and chilling on the sofa
  • Singing in a choir and the enjoyment of the end of term concert
  • Taking a pilates class at the start of the weekend....
  • .....or a short meditation at the end of long day
  • Going out with my camera and getting a great shot
  • Having a stack of unread books and getting immersed in one
  • Arriving at a ski resort and feeling the anticipated excitement of going down a hill at speed

I'm a...

  • Non-smoker