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Status: 42 year old male seeking friendship
Location: Norwich, Norfolk
Member: NF026573
Height: n/a

Hi, i'm a cheeky zimbabwean, living in Norwich. I love gardening, cooking an being outdoors.

I have my own business and do lots of work with a local charity, so i'm generally a happy, busy guy. But I Want (not need) to find a life partner to enjoy the all the twists and turns this journey has in store for 'us' xx

I'd love to meet someone who loves and respects themselves. Someone who prefers to get outdoors than watch tv (i don't have a tv lol). We'll get on if you like make stuff with your hands and to cook healthy yummy food rather than buy packaged ready meals.I'm hoping you don't feel like you have to wear make-up or shave to be beautiful... we're all naturally beautiful. It's important for me to know you don't 'need' someone else to be happy, I don't do dysney and we won't work out if you don't feel like you are enough in yourself. I want to be able to say things like 'i love you' because it feels right instead of saying it because we feel like we need to. I want our relationship to grown and develop organically at human pace rather than digital pace.

I'm looking for someone i can talk to about everything from growing plants to the meaning of existence. Someone who is curious and likes to learn.

I get excited about trying new things, having adventures in unusual places and feeling connected on a deeper level than our physicalness (is that a word? lol). Also I much prefer hot weather to cold.

Over the last few years i've gotten in to mindfullness and meditation quite a lot and i really love how calming it is. Also i'm not really materialistic, i know we all need stuff to live, but i'm quite happy without designer labels and shiny things lol.

In terms of the 'type' of relationship i want, i'm pretty open minded and i don't feel the modern culture of monogamy is the only way to commit to someone, of course it is still a nice. That said, i believe strongly in communication and consent, so as long as we can talk about all the things we want and don't want then  it'll work out. So if you are in to things like poly life or ethical non-monagamy, i'm happy to talk it through and see if things could still work out - i've never done anything like it, but i understand the basic principle of compersion. And although i'm not an active bdsm'er, I'm kink friendly, again as long as we can talk openly and honestly then it's cool.

Smokers and regular drinkers, pease don't message me.

As for communicating on this site, i'm not a 'paid up' hehe. But i do 'tweet' sunseeker and my Ee  ma.l is rasberryseven at gee male. Excuse the odd spellings ;) ;).

There's lots more that I want to talk to you about, so message me, lets get off line together!

Dave xxx

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  • growing plants
  • eating healthy food
  • self care & personal development

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