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Status: 58 year old male seeking romance or friendship
Location: Northampton, Northamptonshire
Member: NF025382
Height: n/a

Hello I'm Kevin.

I'm a very honest very patient caring and very loyal person! Sure I have my faults how long do you have! I have a very warm caring nature. I do so love life and I'm the born optimist with a young out look to life and living! And I do so hate moaning and grumpy people! Have a great sense of fun and humour and I just love to laugh even when the jokes on me which it is most of the time in my life but hey I can take it! And I don''t mind! I really don''t have a temper at all life is to short for that.

I just so love the outdoors its a passion for me I love walking in woods to the coast to our inland rivers I love to cycle and use to go on my cycle camping holidays in my younger days.  I also run and walk and to try to keep fit.  Being as green as I can be I don''t even own a car but please this has never stopped me going or doing what I wanted. I love walking and gardening this again is another passion of mine and have been a very keen gardener in the past having 3 allotments I think that''s in my blood my grandfather had a market garden and right from the age of two I use to help and leant so much but the thing about gardening is you never stop learning. I love the peace and quiet still found in the outdoors and love being on my small motor cruiser boat that I have restored from a wreck and love being on the river . I have just to aspired to a small narrow boat and in time would love to go off and explore more of this fantastic country of ours by canal.

I also love all music from very modern,  classical music as well I did learn to play the pipe organ! O dear all be it badly! and in my spare time I have restored such old radio /tv technology for quite a few museums now as well. Loads to talk about and feel I'm quite well educated apart from my grammar and bad spelling that is, and have views on most things in life and love to talk.

I come from a building industry back ground having done a full old style apprenticeship  as it was back then a 5 year apprenticeship on leaving school So I'm OK at serious DIY projects. I'm a real lover of life I come from a very close family background which I think good honest values are still very important such as honesty loyalty etc. And good manners. This profile is all very centred on myself which I don''t like but well please tell me all about yourself and do feel free to get in touch you are sure to get a reply that I will promise! . I have noted that a couple of people have blocked me even thought I have never ever contacted them or sent a wink even surly this site is all about friendship and I don't quiet understand that why you would want to do that! Like I say feel free to get in touch friendship is so important you can check my Youtube channel out. As a free memeber here I can't message but you can always get in touch re link below


Kevin x .

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My Passions

  • The outdoors and UK countryside.
  • Trees and water.
  • Gardening
  • Meeting interesting people.
  • Inland waterways.
  • Walking Running, Cycling.
  • Green Issues.

I'm a...

  • Non-smoker