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Status: 61 year old female seeking romance
Location: Hadleigh, Suffolk
Member: NF025979
Height: 5' 8" / 173cm

Hello! What have you enjoyed today?

I am happiest in nature, walking in woods, cycling, growing vegetables, talking to trees and building with either boulder clay or coppiced wood. I lead a full and active life and am probably far too independant for my own good .... however I have recently come to the realisation that I'd love to share my life and loves with a special person. Might that be you?

My lifestyle is an alternative one. I teach natural building and run a restoration project which helps develop community as well as keeping vernacular building skills alive and relevant to the challenges of the 21st century.

In my former lives I made a small living as an organic small holder, and more recently a yoga teacher. My current life embodies both and goes that bit further environmentally. I have a strong wish to live off grid in a Tiny House, and I'm well on my way towards this dream - just got to complete the light straw insulation, then I can move in.

I'd love to meet someone who is looking for a simpler land based life. If you're adept at chopping wood and can turn your hand to greenwood craft so much the better. I'm keen on Forest Gardening and Permaculture as well as growing as much as possible in Hugelkulture raised bed.

Having said all that I love to dance and in the last two years have discovered Border Morris dancing and the delights of dressing up, painting my face and performing in public! If you were a musician who would like to accompany our side on our merry way that would be a dream come true.

SO, if all of this hasn't put you off, please get in touch and we can explore further.

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My Passions

  • Organic gardening
  • Making and eating bread and soup
  • Dancing, and more dancing
  • Music, folk, rock, world - both out and about at festivals and at home
  • Building with mud and sticks
  • Working with conservation volunteers
  • Upcycling
  • Reducing my carbon footprint
  • Cycling on my electric bike with the sun on my back
  • Meditation

My star sign

  • Leo

I'm a...

  • Non-smoker