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Status: 66 year old male seeking romance
Location: Leamington, Warwickshire
Member: NF026057
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After an early struggle with parental expectations, a professional career followed, with all the trappings (that’s a good word for it). But then I moved from law into IT and from there into organisation development. Both of these gave me an understanding of systems and behaviour, invaluable tools with which to plan an escape. I began to teach facilitation and creativity. The writer enjoyed the creativity and the lawyer still made enough money to live well.

Too well. It became increasingly clear that a privileged western lifestyle, on its own, is not good for the soul. Long story short, after building another business, I sold the company and the house and bought a narrowboat to travel the waterways, writing. At the end of 2018 I published my first book. Last year, just before Christmas, my son asked me for help and of course I said yes. The work is international but online, so I can do it from the boat. 

So that is my job, writing is my vocation, and the boat is my adventure.

Perhaps I should add that my writing has many textures, some of which are serious and philosophical, and others suggest a wicked and irreverent sense of humour and an outrageous imagination and hopefully you will be up for sharing in these. Especially the humour!

BTW, the boat is warm and dry, and these days I wear T shirts in the winter. My border collie likes to listen to the piano I have on board.

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