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Status: 66 year old male seeking romance or friendship
Location: Leamington, Warwickshire
Member: NF026057
Height: 5' 8" / 173cm

Hello! Thank you for reading my profile. I'm new and still learning about the site, so will update this from time to time and add more photos.

In my world I try not to be ageist or heightist, because ism’s come with a lot of assumptions and I'd be foolish to lose a good friend just because she’s not the age or height I assume she will be.

As for work, I have no plans to retire, only to adapt, and to keep on adapting because the world is changing fast, thank goodness. On that front, Post-Covid society is beginning to look like the life I’ve led for the past decade. Slow down, appreciate nature, keep fit, and talk to the world through an aerial on the roof, alongside the solar panels! In other words, I’m trying to be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem :-)

If you like to settle in front of a fire, well I have one, and I'm a natural hugger, but I hope you'll agree that there is much else to do and that we’ll need all of our six senses - a sense of purpose, a sense of wonder, a sense of the ridiculous, a sense of proportion, a sense of freedom, and most of all a sense of humour!

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