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Status: 46 year old male seeking friendship
Location: East Grinstead, West Sussex
Member: NF025675
Height: 5' 8" / 173cm

New to site, 22 Sept. 

Just a normal guy who has lives in a cabin on a farm and has small flock of sheep.

Ok might have exaggerated about the being normal. Who wan'ts 'normal' anyway. People just carrying on being normal is why the world is in the state it is in. 

Try cynical 46 year old who thinks 99% of people in the world are just idiots.. in the matrix. I tend to avoid TV, papers, supermarkets, big brands, fossil fuels and plastic.

I am a discerning health conscious vegetarian foodie.

I am a music lover /maker and I am in a band, I also like film-making (and watching of course) and I volunteer at a community farm and other good environment related things.

I like 80s music and 70s/80s retro things, and all animals.

I am not looking for hook-ups / one night stands. Not desperate to jump into a relationship for the sake of it to try and be 'normal' however, if I meet the right person which I'm only going to do by meeting different people.. and we click then who knows ?

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My Passions

  • Animals. Sheep, Goats, Dogs, Alpacas
  • Music, live music, music producing, playing music.
  • Activism, demos, politics.
  • Food. Natural, biodynamic. Cooking. Eating out.
  • Upcycling.
  • Walking, exploring. Cycling. Keeping fit and healthy.
  • Listening to the radio and podcasts. I don't watch the telly.
  • Films, animations, comedies, romantic films, cult films.
  • Classic cars. Electric cars. Mopeds.
  • Being self employed.

My star sign

  • Pisces

I'm a...

  • Non-smoker